Creative Direction, Design, Ergonomics, Materials, Color, 3D CAD, Mechanical Design

Wave by Genki Instruments is a revolutionary wearable MIDI controller that lets you control sound, shape effects, and send commands with the motion of your hand.


Anamaly faced a new level of challenge cramming all of the necessary components into the micro format of a ring. The design not only had to support the unique motion control functionality of the Wave, but had to look great and fit the full size range of fingers.

The design centered around a novel D-pad input system that works for both left- and right-handed people. It allowed complete control over the various input banks of the device as well as functions such as start, stop, record, and play sample.


As the Genki team is from Iceland, one of the most respected musical communities in the world, the design needed to capture some of the unique character of this unique country. The key concepts of Eclectic Rhythm and Wabi Sabi Tech drove an unexpected design language and material selection.


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